To register for a class,
1. Complete one (1)  REGISTRATION FORM for each TEACHER. (Some classes have special registration forms. See course descriptions.)
2. Mail the completed registration with a check for one month’s tuition to the teacher.  These checks will not be cashed before July 1.
3. Insurance Fee - In an effort to help offset the ever increasing insurance cost that we are required to pay each year covering our students, monitors and teachers, HIS Classes has chosen to follow the lead of other co-ops in the area and charge an annual $65 per family registration and insurance fee due upon registration for classes.  Your check or money order along with a completed registration form should be made payable to HIS Classes and mailed to HIS Classes, 9614 Dornoch Dr, Spring, TX 77379. This payment will not be cashed until July 1st at which time it will become non-refundable.  This fee is due before a student may begin classes.  Contact Debbie Gott at deblovesdp1[at]gmail[dot]com if you have further questions concerning this fee.
4. Complete online Parent/Student Agreement form and submit.
After July 1, there are no refunds. Late cancellations cause hardships for teachers and prevent other students from taking classes.