Students who are not appropriately dressed will not be allowed to attend class. Please double-check your child's attire before they leave the house.

* All students must wear a sleeved polo-style button shirt. Any plain or printed fabric with a short button placket is acceptable as long as the shirt is modestly buttoned. Polo-style shirts do NOT button all the way from the top to the bottom of the shirt. Shirts should be loose enough to get air underneath easily. Collared button-down dress shirts do not qualify as a polo.

* Polo shirts must be at least 3 inches past the top of their jeans, pants or skirts, and should NOT be skin tight. (To see an example of a polo copy and paste the following URL into your browser:

* Camisoles, t-shirts or undershirts worn under polos must not cause polo to become too tight or cause any mid-drift to show when student is standing or sitting. This also applies to vests, jackets, sweatshirts or hoodies worn over polos.

* Polo collars MUST be visible to a monitor from under outer shirts, coats, jackets or hoodies while on campus.

* All skirts and dresses should be At or BELOW the knee. Leggings are allowed to be worn under dresses, skirts or pants. They are not to be worn otherwise.

* No shorts of any kind allowed for the girls. No sweatpants or athletic/workout/yoga clothing allowed. Capris, dress pants, khakis or jeans that are not skin tight may be worn.

* Boys only may wear knee length shorts. No sweatpants or athletic/workout/yoga-type clothing allowed.

* No low rise apparel.

* No "ripped or ragged" style clothing. All clothes should be in good repair and fit properly, not baggy or tight.

* No baggy or droopy pants and jeans allowed. Pants and jeans should be on or near the waist and underwear should not be visible when student places his/her hand on top of their head. Belts should be worn.

* No suggestive or offensive designs or language allowed on any clothing or other articles brought on campus.

* No hats,caps or hoods will be worn inside the buildings.

* No "Gothic" or extreme type clothing or makeup (i.e.: no black nail polish, dog collars, excessive jewelry, decoration with skulls, vampires, etc.)

* Boys may not wear makeup or earrings of any kind anywhere on their person.

* Girls may wear single sets of earrings,

* No tattoos, facial or body piercings of any kind are allowed (i.e. lip, nose, eyebrow, etc.).

If a student comes to class dressed outside of this code, a parent will be required to either bring proper clothing for the student before they can attend class, the monitor will provide a rental polo or the student will be sent home. Students will also receive a conduct notice that parents MUST respond to in order for their student to return to classes. Students who are not appropriately dressed will not be allowed to attend class. **PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILD'S ATTIRE BEFORE THEY LEAVE HOME.**


* No cell phone use whatsoever is allowed during classes. This INCLUDES texting anyone during class time. Abuse of this rule will result in confiscation of the cell phone for the remainder of the day. Teachers may require their students to leave their cell phones in a basket upon entering their classroom.

* Respect of the Sanctuary is required at all times. No food or drink is allowed in that part of the building at any time. No feet or shoes on the pews and no sitting on the backs of the pews or chairs. No students are allowed on the stage/platform unless specific permission has been given.

* Students will respect those persons in authority while they are on campus including the coordinator, monitors, teachers and teacher assistants. These persons are in place for your student's safety and protection.

* No rough-housing, running, pranks or horse-play allowed on campus.

* Students may NOT leave campus with anyone other than the person they came to campus with UNLESS the parent gives the monitor or the teacher verbal permission for the student to do so. A form for this purpose will be provided upon request.

* Students may NOT leave campus to walk anywhere for any reason.

* Students may NOT sit in their cars or wait in the parking lot unless accompanied by a parent.

* Students must remain INSIDE the building until their parent arrives to pick up. Supervision by a HIS Classes staff member is a requirement from our insurance provider and from the churches we hold classes in.

* No smoking on campus.

* No discussion of drugs, alcohol or sexual behavior will be tolerated among students while on campus except in the classroom during class as it pertains to the course of study for that class.

* No public display of affection on campus except what would be deemed appropriate in a normal church service.

* The purpose of HIS Classes is to help parents further the academic achievements of their student. In light of this, we do not allow the pursuit of romantic relationships of any kind while a student is on a HIS Classes campus.

Contact Debbie Gott at deblovesdp1[at] gmail [dot] com if you have questions concerning these policies.