Homeschool Instructional Support (H.I.S.) Classes is an association of teachers who have coordinated their schedules to better serve the home educating community.  We believe that parents have a God-given responsibility to teach their children.  This can be a daunting endeavor at times but one that, if taken to heart by parent and child and coupled with adequate parental oversight, can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will both have during your student’s educational pursuit.  It is our desire at H.I.S. Classes to assist parents in home educating their children by offering high quality, college preparatory classes taught by believers, enabling parents to continue home education through the high school years. Our focus is to develop the student's critical thinking and problem solving skills from a Christ-centered, Christian worldview.  This focus and your commitment to providing an excellent Christian education as you encourage your child toward excellence each week on each of their  assignments should result in your student being academically and spiritually prepared for his/her calling in life.